We sincerely hope this email finds you well in these difficult times.

The Center for Worker Justice was founded on the principles of unity and solidarity. Today, these principles are a lifeline for many local families. The COVID-19 crisis has reached everyone – but tragically, the federal stimulus package will not. Many families in the CWJ network who have contributed so much to our community, through their labor, leadership, and campaigns for justice, have been thrown into crisis with no assistance on the horizon. 

That’s why CWJ allies are launching a new campaign called “From My Home to Yours: Let’s Pass Our Checks to Families in Crisis!” The idea is simple. Those of us in the community whose income hasn’t been affected, but will still receive federal stimulus checks in the next few weeks, will pass along those funds to our friends who are left out and in crisis. Our goal is to pass along payments of $400-$600 per family to community members in crisis, starting with those who are ineligible for any assistance. CWJ will distribute 100% of these COVID-19 crisis donations directly to local families who need them, with oversight from a committee of leaders.

Just one individual federal stimulus check can help 2-3 local families! Please help by making your donation and spreading the word. Let’s commit that although we are apart, we won’t allow families to suffer alone. 

Thank you for all you do. We look forward to seeing you all soon; in the meantime, let’s continue building a more just and united community.