Pam Zehr ready to prepare items safely!

Pictures and inventory on hand follow:

Black Raspberry Jam 17  (Berries picked by Carol Tyx)

Red Apple Jelly 7

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam 9 (Mom’s recipe)

Grape Jelly 30

Pear Honey 25

Pears in Rum 32 jars of different sizes; 16 oz, 12 oz, and 8 oz  

Pear Sauce with Grand Marnier liqueur 10

Blueberry Sauce 21

Peach Jam 23

Spiced Peach Jam 19

The other items I will be offering (but not yet photographed) are listed below with the number I intend to make to start with.  I can prepare more of most of the items with the exception of the cakes; I’ve got a little of the dehydrated fruit left over, but once it’s gone I can’t make more.
Beer Batter Bread  Regular 5; Tomato/Sunflower 4 Raisin/Cinnamon 4; Apple/Cinnamon 5 Cakes Apple Crisp 10; Pear Crisp 14′
Blueberry Lemonade 6 Muffins; Chocolate Chip 6 Morning Glory 12 (These are the Good Morning Muffins that I renamed so more people will know what they are.)
Other Chocolate Yummies Choco Chip Cookies 10 Brownies 12 (These are the Sand Art Brownies but in a bag.  So I renamed them the “Amazingly-delicious-triple-chocolate-and-pecan-brownies”.)

Choco Chunk Scones 8 Choco Chip/Caramel Scones 8; Harvest Soup (Vegetarian) 16; (This will be offered in 2 different sizes, a half recipe and quarter recipe.  I’m still working on the proportions.)

The only other item I have for Heifer this year is earrings and just for fun.  Some of the beads and hooks are silver plated, and all should be nickel free.  

Click on the link below for more still pictures of items for sale.