One Great Hour of Sharing

As the One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) suggested offering Sunday (March 14) approaches, many of the materials found in the 2021 Planning and Resource Guide have been formatted to be easily used in electronic mediums such as newsletters or PowerPoint presentations. This includes the Mission Moments.

We are offering a variety of formats, in hopes that it will save time, and make your promotional activities easier, whether you are worshipping in person or virtually.

The OGHS website was updated to make it easier for you to find the materials you need. Visit the website at If you prefer printed resources, order them from UCC Resources for fast and free delivery.

By supporting the One Great Hour of Sharing Offering, we let love flow into communities worldwide by providing hope in adverse times. When we share our resources, it also gives us a tangible way to be present in the world and to serve beyond our local communities. OGHS supports sustainable development, disasters, and refugee initiatives.

In 2020, during the devastating fires in Oregon, we were able to be there to help leaders organize and prepare their immediate as well as long-term responses. We were proud to stand with and support these communities in their time of need. Responding to the needs of our neighbors is the primary goal of the offering.

Thank you for helping the members of your church learn how far their support goes in creating a just world for all. Thank you for promoting One Great Hour of Sharing and for your generous gifts.

Karen Georgia Thompson
Associate General Minister for Wider Church Ministries & Operations
Co-Executive for Global Ministries
United Church of Christ

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