The Shared Ministry is at the center of our faith community.  At Faith United Church of Christ we believe that we are partners with God and with each other in the ongoing life and work of Jesus in our world.  Preaching teaching, and healing are not activities reserved for the pastor in this church—they are part and parcel of everyone’s calling.  The critical work of this church—from mission to education to stewardship to taking our the trash—is the stuff of our common life together.  Shared ministry is also a process whereby the members and friends of Faith United Church of Christ, including the pastor, join in planning, programming, funding, and implementing of the ministries, services, programs, and outreach of our church. 

Worship is on Sunday at 9:30 a.m. . Currently, during the COVID-19 crisis our pastor is leading each Sunday morning service on Zoom. Once a month, a member or a guest designs and leads the worship service.  Children may share in the entire service; however nursery care is available for younger children.

We are a faith community. We come together from various church background and many walks of life.  Together, we express our faith through worship, fellowship, education and service.

YOU are most welcome to come and join our mission and ministry!
Faith United Church of Christ
1609 Deforest Avenue
Iowa City, IA 52240