The members and friends of Faith United Church of Christ continue to work at practicing the truth of the poster above. Everyone is welcome into our ministry.

All in-person activity at Faith UCC ceased on March 17, 2020. Since that time our ministry has continued through Zoom with meetings, informal visits with members and friends, a Wednesday morning Coffee group, several virtual celebrations and Worship. Faith has maintained quality ministry while at the same time keeping in consideration the health and welfare of both our members and friends and the wider community as well.

Activities ,like our Annual Fiesta, Sundae Sunday, Palm Sunday Worship, Easter and Pentecost Worship celebrations have all be celebrated via internet activity. Our success is based on our faith in God, our faith in one another, and our faith that our ministry can continue in meaningful ways even when they cannot be conducted in person.

Now we have come to Christmas in July. We will not be able to conduct this annual celebration in person. An article in our monthly newsletter and here on our web page outlines how we will gather the supplies DVIP will need for their program. Instead on one Sunday in July dedicated to “Undie Sunday” EACH Sunday in July will be designated as “undie Sunday”. Please plan to get your items to the church before the last Sunday in July. Right now it is impossible to get into our parking lot because of city street work. We are hoping that by mid-July there will be a way to do so, so you are encouraged to wait until access to the oarking lot is available. Thank you for your cooperation.

Our Church Council appointed a task group to study, examine and recommend ways in which we might return to in person activities. this group gathered information from many sources based on the best possible outcomes. The health and safety of our congregation and our community is paramount! The task force presented it’s report to the Council at the regular Council meeting June 10, 2020. council received that report and called for a time of study, prayer, and reflection. A special meeting of the Council was set for June 24, 2020. The report was reviewed and adopted as our process for returning to in person activity. The report can be found on this web site by clicking here https://faithucciowacity.com/return-to-in-person-activities/ Also, the members and friends of Faith United Church of Christ have received this document via email. Please contact either Church Council President, Ann Satterly at a_sattery@msn.com or Pastor Bob at bob.faithucc@gmail.com with any questions or comments.

Our church leadership will continue to monitor the events around COVID-19. No in-person activities are scheduled for July. The next regular Council meeting will be August 12, 2020. We may be able to better gauge our in person return at that time.

Head Start has plans to return to our building in mid-August. However, they too are uncertain if it will be an appropriate time. They do have a system of working at cleaning, sanitizing, and preparing for each day. There normal classroom size has been 16; but now it is limited to 10 students. All of us continue to watch and wait for signs that the health and safety of individuals is not jeopardized by any in-person aactivity.

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